Origen: Planargia (Italy)

A fairly soft polenta made of 300 g of fine corn meal; a minced mixture made with 100 g fresh lard or the fat of choice, a small onion; a few sprigs parsley, a few basil leaves, or some sage; 60 ml of olive oil; 1 kg of chopped blanched, peeled and seeded tomatoes; 150 g of lean pancetta, thinly sliced; 150 g of crumbled sausage or salami; 250 g of Sardinian lamb, half diced and the other half grated

Method of preparation: While the polenta is being made, combine all the other ingredients except the pecorino in a broad deep skillet and sauté them for about 20-25 minutes. When the polenta is cooked stir all the ingredients including the cheese into it, and serve at once