Origen: Bullas (Spain)

Ingredients: 1 kg. flour, 8 glasses of water, 1/2 l. olive oil, a bit of salt. "Tropezones" (pieces of meat, fish...)

Method of preparation: Water, salt and previously fried oil is set to boil and when all this is boiling the flour is added. The resulting dough is beaten adding more olive oil bit a bit. The process ends when the dough is not united. Then we add the "tropezones" that we have fried previously. These "tropezones" can be almost everything: sausage, bacon, liver, sweet peppers, milk caps, anchoves, sardines, all acompanied by black olives, tomatoes or grapes.

Of course, a good red wine of those grown in Bullas is ideal to drink with this special and typical dish which is traditionally prepared in cold and rainy days as an excellent high calories food for the cold Autumn and Winter time. In past times, it was also typical to have breakfast in the morning to be able to support the hard work of the peasants.