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Mondovino in the Vinest Network's promotional event in Brussels

The promotional event of the Vinest Network in Brussels, Belgium, pays a very special attention to the film Mondovino of the director Jonathan Nossiter. Mondovino encloses a quotation on the Vinest Network through the figure of Giovanni Battista Columbu, whose interview we also offer in this edition of the Vinest Journal

Vinest event in Brussels

On May 3rd and 4th the VINEST network promote their wines, products and cultures in Brussels, Belgium, together with Mr. Jonathan Nossiter, the director of the film “Mondovino”.


Vas County wine-growers visit Bullas

Spain and Hungary are distant one from other, not only from the geographical but also from the cultural point of view, but thanks to the European transnational cooperation many links can be established, joining the wishes of transfering ideas, practices and joint cooperation in the wine world.

Seminar about wine companies challenges in Bullas

The situation and the future of the wine sector in the Region of Murcia was analyzed in this interesting seminar hold in the Wine Museum of Bullas. Experts in the wine and economy fields informed to the participants about the today's challenges in this key sector.


The "Don Pepe Marsilla House Museum. Bullas 1900" Inaugurated last December 5th, 2006 this new museum in Bullas wants to rescue and recover the old living ways in the town. The wine culture is also well represented as...


Interview with Giovanni Battista Columbu Davide Beccu interviews Mr. Giovanni Battista Columbu, the 87 years old patriarch and owner of one of the most important and renowned Malvasia di Bosa wineries located...


More Sardinian sea dishes Discover another delicious menu with the typical sea dishes from Sardinia. Once more time, the perfect combination of seafood and pasta brings the best flavour of this...


Wine related trades in Gran Canaria Wine-making is not only the process itself. Many different works are directly related to it, and many different people developing a wide range of tasks participate in ...

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