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Final meeting of the Project Vinum Est

The Project Vinum Est is reaching its final steps. It officially ends on the 30th of June 2007. Before that, the responsible people for the project from the different partner areas and members of the VINEST Network Association are going to meet in Southern Burgenland, Austria, including also a meeting in the near city of Szombathely, the capital of the Vas County in Hungary. It is time to talk about the results of this three years-lasting project but also about the future.


The end of the Project Vinum Est in Saale-Unstrut

An international wine-tasting hold in Halle marks one of the final steps of the Project at local level in the German region.

"Land and Sea of Planargia". Educational Tour in Bosa, Sardinia

An opportunity to visit and know all the enchanting attractions of this unique Sardinian region offered to tour operators and travel agents. This is an important activity to promote the region abroad which will be able to be present in the tourist offer of some important tourist companies.


Gran Canaria's Routes: Santa Brígida, Central Route Reaching the highest point of Gran Canaria is one of the main attractions that the Central Route of the island offers. The route passes through the localities of Santa...


Bodega San Isidro in Bullas Bodega San Isidro is a cooperative winery located in Bullas, Spain. It is the second oldest one in this town, founded in the mid 50's. With half century of life, it co...


Onion Pie from Saale Unstrut A very typical German dish is the so called onion pie. Know about it and its preparation and enjoy it with a cup of good wine....


The history of barrel-making The art of barrel-making, known as cooperage, is an ancient skill. Exactly who made the first barrel is not known but the history of cooperage is interwoven with the h...

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