The Vinest Network wines in London

“Life is too short to drink always the same wines…!??? On Tuesday, October, 24th, from 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., will be presented the VINEST network of Small European Wine Areas and its Wine Selection 2006 at the Vinopolis centre in London.

Enjoy the Vinest wines in London

In the year 2006, the partners of the VINEST network for Small European Wine Areas started to promote their newly founded network and its rich and varied offer of products on a tour throughout Europe. The first stop of this tour was Hamburg in March 2006, at the Wine Salon, the second one will be London on Oct. 24th, at the VINOPOLIS wine centre, and in 2007 will follow Bruxelles.
This gives an exceptional opportunity to all wine friends and traders to get to know the typical wine cultures of the VINEST partner areas, which will offer the best quality performance of their rare grape varieties and special wine typologies, unknown to the majority of the wine world. The partners of this network are implied in defending their particularity and individuality, and to maintain their difference from the “wine-mainstream”. Maybe this was also the reason why the VINEST Network was quoted shortly at the beginning of the MONDOVINO Film by director Jonathan Nossiter, and a wine maker from the Malvasia di Bosa area in Sardinia (I) has been interviewed in the same film.

The 35 best wines of 2006 of the VINEST network were selected in local wine selections and will now be offered in the Vineyard room at Vinopolis, No.1 Bank End, London, SE1 9BU, from 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

This transnational wine tasting with gastronomic specialties from seven wine growing regions in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Spain will be a great chance to sample extraordinary wines, ask questions, discuss winemaking and the “slow tourism” offer of the partners with all guests in London.
You will be able to taste the “Malvasia di Bosa” Sherry-like wine from Sardinia in combination with sweets and chocolate, the Pinela, Zelen and Sauvignon whites from the Vipava Valley (Slovenia) as well as the Kékfrankos red wines from Köszeg and the Vás County in Hungary, on the border to Austria. The great Spanish hospitality, well alive in the north-western Mountains of Murcia (D.O. Bullas) and in Gran Canaria, will enlighten London’s autumn with their sunny and fruity red wines, chorizos and quesos.
Also the very good quality of the white and sweet wines from Saale-Unstrut (Germany) and the Blaufränkisch red wines from Southern Burgenland (Austria) will surely attract the curiosity of the visitors.

In the evening, starting from 8.30 p.m., the VINEST network invites to a “transnational dinner” in the CANTINA restaurant of the same VINOPOLIS centre, with 7 delightful courses from the 7 VINEST regions, accompanied by 7 selected VINEST wines and a relaxed chat with all guests.


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