The liquid of the mountain is in bottles

The Mittl family works in a silent and quiet way in Vaskeresztes, Vas County. Their winery stand before big step: their bottled Kékfrankos from 2004. are going to be placed on market soon. The young wife and his husband work together. Ildikó Komlenecz from the Vas County Vinest Agency asks them about their winery and future plans.

Grape growing and winemaking skills have been handed down from generation to generation in the Mittl family. The parents initially cultivated 3 hectares of land have been gradually expanded to 9 hectares.  After closing their two traditional cellars in 2005, they moved to a new premises where the full cross-section of wine production is represented ranging from traditional techniques to novel technologies employing reductive procedures. In 2006, their Blaufrankish and Zweigelt have won three medals: a gold medal at the wine contests in Kőszeg and Budafok, and a silver medal in Eger.

András Mittl

Ildikó Komlenecz: How did you start?
András Mittl: The wine-growing looks back on a long past in our family. Two years ago we looked for how to continue this tradition. We had two choices: we cut out or sold the vineyard or develop the farm. We selected the latter one.

IK: What did you need for it?
Anita Mittl: First of all: courage and some smartness. We were able to apply for subsidy for grape-planting, machine-buying.

IK: How many hectare did you plant?
Mr. Mittl: We plant 5 new hectares in Vaskeresztes. Now we are having a 9 hectares farm.

IK: I heard you had a high amounting investment last year.
Mrs. Mittl: Yes, last year we built a bottler- and processing plant. We have modern plastic and metal tanks.

IK: What type of wine do you make?
Mrs. Mittl: We vintage mainly Kékfrankos, but we plant Merlot and Zweigelt, too.

IK: I noticed that you, Anita answer my professional questions. How’s that?
Mrs. Mittl: Outside of the harvest, stalking and atomizing, all tasks are my responsibility, so namly I make the wine.

IK: Really? Did you learn how to make wine? You are so young!
Mrs. Mittl: Originally, I’m an accountant. But when I married to András, I got into this wine-grower family. So I started to learn this new trade. I finished the wine-grower and ampelology school 5 years ago.

The Mittl family, long wine tradition

IK: Have you good sense of wines?
Mr. Mittl: Yes, of course! We have evidence: in 2006. our Kékfrankos and Zweigelt won gold medals on the region wine competition.

IK: Where do you sell your wines?
Mr. Mittl: We sell our wines through a wine warehouse for wine shops, restaurants in Vas and the neighbouring Zala County.
Mrs. Mittl: And we organize wine-tastings and – presentations in our cellar.

IK: What are your future plans?
Mr. Mittl: We are planning to join in wine tourism, appear in the international market and enlarge our farm. But now we are concentrating only one thing: our bottled Kékfrankos from 2004. will be placed on market in two weeks.

IK: Thank you very much for the interview. I hope your efforts will be crowned with success!

Address: 9795 Vaskeresztes, Fő u. 19.
Tel.: 20/524-2466, 94/351-182, 94/351-107
E-mail: mittl@freemail.hu 

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