Wine, also a heart affair

Did you know? According to some interesting studies, red wine is a very good protection against stroke, as a compound found in it, reservatrol, improves blood flow.

We all know that wine is good for our spirit, to make life a bit happier. It is a delicious product that also can help us to be healthy in many ways. According to the researchers studies, red wine can be a very useful tool to fight against stroke, that important threat present in the times we are living.

Wine, good for heart

Reservatrol is a compound which can be bound in grapes and red wine, apart of peanuts. This chemical agent can improve in a significant way the blood flow in brain about 30 %, so the risks of suffering a stroke can be highly reduced. A stroke occurs when blood clots or an artery bursts in the brain interrupting the blood supply to a part of it. It is known that is the third cause of death in Europe and a very important cause of disability. 

Other studies talks about the influence of reservatrol as an anti-cancer and anti-aging agent and some experts believe that people who drink red wine in a moderate quantity can live more and better.   

Almost six years ago, during a Vinest meeting held in Bullas there was a very interesting conference which emphsized about the high content of reservatrol present in the Monastrell grape variety, the authoctonous from this Southeastern Spain's area. But don't worry, this is not an exclusive thing of this grape variety but reservatrol is found in every grape class which will become in whatever quality red wine from our different areas.

Just enjoy our wines and... more than ever... GOOD HEALTH!! 


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