Southern Burgenland, land of vinoteques and the legendary Uhudler.

There is a magical place in South-eastern Austria which is a focus of attratcion for every wine lover. It is the Weindylle in Southern Burgenland, a land of vineyards and vinoteques where you can taste the richness of its delicious wines. Amongst

The Southern Burgenland Vinoteque

The southern part of Burgenland is covered with a network of vinoteques, which are shops where wine is sold. These shops couldn´t be more divers, for example the vinoteque located in the proud Castle Güssing and the ultra modern wine archive in Bildein merely have wine as their only similarity. The wine resort Moschendorf offers 3 vinoteques: the Vinoteque Southern Burgenland, the Uhudler Vinoteque and the Vinest-Vinoteque. The village Eisenberg accommodates the Vinum Ferreum-Vinoteque on its hillside and the Village-Vinoteque down in the center of the town. The center of attraction in the Uhudler-Vinoteque in Eltendorf is the legendary “Uhudler” grape. The Rechnitzer Vinotheque on the other hand is accommodated in the former Reichermill. One aspect applies to all vinoteques: Here you can take your time and sample various kinds of wines. And once you have chosen, you can gladly take a few bottles along on your trip.

Uhudler, the legendary Austrian wine

The Uhudler is a unique Austrian wine whose origin is situated in Southern Burgenland. In appearance it is often a rosé colour, but is also made as a white wine. It was introduced around 1860 when the grapevines were infested by phylloxera. At that time the uhudler was imported from America to be crossbred with native kinds of grapevines and be acclimatized in southern Burgenland. Here in the Weinidylle the uhudler has developed to a rarity in Austria. Around the straw covered cellars of Heiligenbrunn, the heart of the uhudler-land, the once disapproved of not grafted kinds of grapes are pressed. The special characteristic of the uhudler lies in its fruity fresh flavor of berries of the forest. The uhudler in earthy clay jugs is a present that guests gladly buy for friends and relatives at home.

 Further information:

www.weinidylle.at, www.uhudler.org




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